5 Ways Ellenbrook Will Change In The Next 10 Years

February 19, 2020

When Ellenbrook was initially developed in Perth’s north-eastern suburbs, it was designed as a self-sustainable, family-friendly community for its residents.

Nearly 40,000 people lived in Ellenbrook as of the 2016 Census, with 80% of them being family households, and the population is set to top 70,000 residents by 2036. Big things are on the horizon for Ellenbrook, and property owners have a lot to get excited about in the next decade.

1. Ellenbrook railway line connecting commuters

Ellenbrook has been designed to have everything residents need at its doorstep, so it’s sometimes referred to as a ‘satellite city’. With a 21 km drive into the CBD it’s currently around an hour’s commute via public transport. But the state government has big plans for the area.

After almost a decade of political ‘will they, won’t they’ debate, in 2017 the McGowan Labour government finally confirmed it would build an Ellenbrook railway line. The Morley-Ellenbrook line’s route alignment was confirmed in August 2019 and is ready to begin construction, with a tentative opening set for 2022.

The best news for residents and potential buyers in Ellenbrook? Once the line is in service it will slash commuters’ travel time into the CBD to just 30 minutes.

2. New schools and Youth Centre

Since its earliest days, Ellenbrook has always been a family-friendly suburb. And it continues to be so, with more than half (55%) of households having children, and over a third (37%) of the suburb’s total population under 15 years old.

So it’s no surprise the local and state government is invested in the future of Ellenbrook’s youth.

In February 2018, Aveley Secondary College opened, to take the pressure off Ellenbrook Secondary College. Located in the North West of Ellenbrook, it is only serving students in Year 7 and Year 8 as of 2019. Each year Aveley Secondary College will progressively increase the number of students until it has all six year groups in 2023.

The City of Swan and state government are also investing in a new Ellenbrook youth centre. The site will be located at Charlie Gregorini Memorial Reserve and aligns with the city’s Youth Strategy.

The state has already committed $1.86 million to the purpose-built facility, and in the interim young people in Ellenbrook can spend time at The Cool Room, which is a drop-in centre with pool tables, ping-pong, music and sports facilities.

3. Reduced congestion and better road safety

With Ellenbrook’s population expected to rise significantly over the next 10 to 15 years, the local government is making major investments in the surrounding roads in order to boost safety, increase the level of service and, most importantly, reduce congestion in anticipation of more residents.

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Currently, in Stage 2 of a four-stage process, duplication of The Broadway is well underway. Additional lanes and phasing changes are taking place in the immediate vicinity of The Broadway/The Promenade, and the City of Swan expects Stage 2 to be completed come to the end of the year.

4. New wastewater main to support a higher population

In addition to wider roads, dual-lane roundabouts and reconfigured intersections to streamline Ellenbrook traffic, the local government is pouring millions into a wastewater infrastructure upgrade.

It may not be glamorous – or even visible to us – but these types of upgrades are key to supporting Ellenbrook’s anticipated growth. The $3.49 million investment in a new wastewater main will “help reduce the likelihood of blockages and wastewater overflows” in the years to come.

Disruption to residents will be minimal thanks to “a combination of trenchless technology and open-trench excavation”, and locals can expect the project to be completed by early 2020.

5. The state of the WA mining scene

Perth has enjoyed the highs and endured the lows of Australia’s mining boom, and the state of the mining industry will no doubt continue to have an impact on the popularity of Perth suburbs like Ellenbrook.

Innovation is at the heart of modern mining, with some operators predicting the Australian mining industry will be completely autonomous by 2030. That prediction, as well as discussions around the future of the greater WA mining scene, will be covered at a conference in the state capital mid-October.

However, what’s clear is that new technologies – including automation – will create jobs, rather than just eliminate them. In fact, a recent report found that new mining tech will inject Australia’s economy with $74 billion while creating 80,000 jobs. And with Perth such a major hub for the mining sector, it’s suburbs like Ellenbrook that will be ripe for home owners in the coming decade.

Do you see your future in Ellenbrook?

Ellenbrook isn’t just a family-friendly suburb expected to grow in the next decade. It offers affordable land and homes, is an award-winning master-planned community, and will become even more connected to the CBD thanks to big investments in local infrastructure.

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