The Best Gyms In Ellenbrook

April 01, 2020

Exercise not only has proven benefits for your physical health, it helps immune function, and boosts your mood and reduces anxiety.

We take a look at some of the fantastic gyms Ellenbrook has to offer. While at the time of writing these gyms were open – this may change due to Covid-19. If you can’t go in person, you can find a workout to do online. Let’s keep healthy and stay fit!

Anytime Fitness – Ellenbrook

Anytime Fitness Ellenbrook is the local outpost of one of Australia’s largest gym chains. As the name suggests, they’re open 24/7 so you can work out at a time that suits you. Members can access over 3,200 Anytime Fitness gyms worldwide (including almost 500 in Australia) which is a great perk for frequent travellers. Members can also access the Anytime Fitness app, where they can set goals, monitor their progress and access more than 1000 workouts.

Ellenbrook Fitness Centre

Handily located on Main Street, opposite Ellenbrook Central shopping centre, Ellenbrook Fitness Centre is Ellenbrook’s original 24-hour gym – and one of its biggest. There’s something for everyone, with an extensive range of group fitness classes and a wide variety of equipment including Hammer Strength training equipment, free weights and lifting platforms, Prowler sled and track and a separate spin room. There’s a ladies-only gym and a creche providing care for children from 2 months to 12 years old.

F45 Training – Ellenbrook

If you think you don’t have time to go to the gym, F45 Ellenbrook could change your mind. 45 minutes is the total duration of their signature workout, which aims to burn up to 750 calories per session. The F stands for functional training, describing their mix of circuit and high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts. If you think you could spare 45 minutes, take F45 Ellenbrook up on their offer of a free 7-day trial and give it a go.

Infused CrossFit & OT

Whether you’re new to working out or a seasoned pro, you’re bound to have heard of CrossFit. Born in California and characterised by workouts that change every single day, it took the fitness world by storm and devotees swear by it. Ellenbrook Infused is a unique CrossFit facility with onsite exercise physiology and occupational therapy clinic. They also offer kids (from 5 years old) and teens classes and a 28-day challenge to help you achieve specific fitness goals.

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Step into Life – Ellenbrook

Keen to get moving but don’t like gyms? Consider Step Into Life’s group personal training classes held outdoors. Just like a gym, they offer a class timetable, so you can choose a class type and time that suits you – but the classes are conducted at Ellenbrook’s Coolamon Oval. Step Into Life’s focus is on fostering a fun and welcoming exercise experience that boosts confidence and self-esteem – and offers a healthy dose of fresh air to boot.

Embody Fitness & Pilates

Since 2013 Embody Fitness and Pilates have been offering contemporary Pilates classes in Aveley. Beloved of celebs but long since crossed into the mainstream, Pilates is a form of low-impact exercise with a range of benefits, including a stronger back and better posture, improved tone and flexibility and rehabilitation from injury. Pilates can be performed on a mat or using a machine called a reformer. At Embody they offer both studio and reformer private and small group classes, suitable for everyone from beginners to advanced practitioners.

Tara Yoga

Looking to improve your mind and body fitness? Welcome to yoga. With its origins in ancient India, yoga offers benefits beyond just the physical. Along with increased strength and flexibility, regular yoga practice can bring improved sleep, concentration, posture and general wellbeing. Tara Yoga offers a full range of classes for all levels, including beginners, seven days a week in a serene studio in Ellenbrook. If you’re interested in yoga’s mental benefits, keep an eye out for Tara Yoga’s meditation courses.

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