Meet Me At Ellenbrook Dôme

March 18, 2020

It was a coming of age for Ellenbrook when the Dôme Café franchise moved into town back in 2009, occupying a prime position on Main Street.

Proudly West Australian, Dôme Café started in Cottesloe in 1991 and now has 130 cafes worldwide, with 54 in Western Australia.

In 2012, Coralie, a young student from Mauritius, started working in the kitchen. Three years ago she became Dôme Café Ellenbrook’s manager. Coralie and her team of 21 staff keep Ellenbrook caffeinated and well-fed, as well as providing a great space for the community to come together.

We recently popped in for a coffee and a chat.

It’s great coffee here. Where does Dôme source their coffee beans?

Our Arabica coffee is originated in Ethiopia. The Arabica coffee is grown in many locations each with its own unique flavor and characteristics such as: Colombia, Kenya, brazil, new guinea, Costa Rica, Sumatra

Won’t you be joining me for a coffee?

I adore making great coffee, but I don’t actually drink it. Maybe because I spend my days surrounded by it.

You’ve lived and worked in Ellenbrook a long time now. You must have witnessed a great deal of change?

Definitely! There have been a lot of new people moving in, and with that, you get a stronger sense of community.

Dôme has now become an Ellenbrook landmark. People often say, “meet you at Dôme!”

Dôme is a very much a local’s meeting place, so we see our regulars all the time. There are always a stream of new customers too, who then become regulars! As the cafe takes up two floors, there is plenty of space for people to grab a complimentary newspaper or magazine and relax with a coffee or tea. We have free wifi, so our customers come and work on their laptops or study. We even have had a customer writing a book!

Speaking of characters, are there any local characters you can tell me about?

We have a very kind customer who comes in and talks to me in French every morning as he takes his coffee.

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That must be nice for you to use your mother tongue?

I’d love to lose my accent, but I speak French with him every day!

Tell us about some of the events you have at Dôme?

We have informal meetups such as mothers’ groups, as well as groups such as NRG – a network business referral group that comes in every three weeks. There is a free Essential Oils Sip & Sniff event every two weeks, where people can try different essential oils.

I love that dogs are welcome on the Dôme terrace.

We are very dog-friendly. However, you can’t take your dog inside unless it’s a guide dog. It’s so lovely to see owners and their pooches enjoying breakfast or lunch outside in the sunshine.

Speaking of breakfast and lunch, what is on the menu?

Our breakfast menu runs all day. You can even order breakfast at night time. I often see people tucking into The Big Breakfast for their dinner. Our menu is extensive covering pizzas, burgers, wraps, fish and chips, calamari, pork sliders. It’s all made fresh to order on the premises. And cakes! We have a really great cake selection.

Cafés have become destinations for dates and date nights. Do you see much romance happening in Ellenbrook?

We do! A few years back, we even had a marriage proposal on Valentine’s Day! Often local couples come in the evening on a date night, and sometimes you see people who’ve met on dating apps getting to know each other.

After so long at Dôme in Ellenbrook, you must know a lot of peoples’ coffee taste.

While I know people by their names, I also know them by their coffee. I’ll see someone outside of work and think ‘skinny flat white’, or ‘long black, two sugars’.

Thanks for keeping Ellenbrook caffeinated!

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