Meet the Locals: The Glamour Girls Of Ellenbrook

March 13, 2020

Local sisters Sarah and Ruby Ha have had their business, The Glamour Gallery, for 12 years.

Last year they decided to rebrand and renovate their business and take it to glamourous new heights. We caught up with Sarah to get our nails done and get the lowdown on all the beauty salon gossip.

Sarah, congratulations on the renovations, The Glamour Gallery looks fabulous!

Thank you! We pretty much completely changed everything in the shop from the ceilings to the floors to create a brand-new salon. Our mission was to create a beautiful tranquil space where our clients receive the best service and walk away feeling as if they’d been truly pampered. We reopened late last year, and the feedback has been fantastic – we’ve had so many compliments from our clients. We’re pretty happy.

Why did you decide to rebrand a successful business?

We bought the salon 12 years ago, and it was called Crystal Nails and Beauty. We’ve been known as a nail salon, but we wanted to emphasise our specialities and services that range beyond that. When we renovated, it made sense to change our name. The Glamour Gallery is a full beauty salon. As well as nails, we offer waxing, tanning, facials, micro-blading, cosmetic tattooing and eyelash extensions.

What is your favourite treatment to give?

I love giving facials. I notice such a difference, and by the end of the treatment, your skin just skin glows. It’s also great to watch people completely relax and forget their everyday lives. We use an American brand called Dermalogica. We chose the brand because Ruby and I both used it ourselves. Dermalogica uses evidence-based formulas, which work. A lot of clients opt for a 20-minute Express facial, maybe because we have so many busy mums as clients. We focus on a problem area, for example, if they need blackheads extracted or their skin freshened up with a chemical peel. We also have gift certificate vouchers in our store.

You opened 12 years ago, what made you think Ellenbrook would be an excellent place for a business?

I qualified as a beauty therapist at Central TAFE in Perth. I worked with my sister for three years before we decided to open our shop. We saw a post on a community group about a nail business for sale. At the time, nobody knew where Ellenbrook was! But we could see the enormous potential. At first, our salon was pretty quiet. We changed the salon up a bit, and modernised it to do nails in a very contemporary way. We added a lot of new collections with polishes and gels. This started to bring in a generation who take their nails very seriously. Nail art is always evolving. Ruby and I are continually training and upskilling to stay ahead of the trends. Right now, Ruby is in Paris undertaking a course in 3D nail art, which is texturised nail art. It’s the next big thing in nail art.

Wow – bringing a bit of Paris to Ellenbrook. What else is trending in nail art at the moment?

Our clients used to ask for square round shape, but now it’s ballerina or coffin-shaped nails. Another popular option is the stiletto shape, which is when nails are filed into a sharp point. Now clients often come in and show models or celebrities on Instagram such as Kylie Jenner or Rihanna and ask us to replicate their nails. We love to be creative and experiment, so we’ll always say yes and get them as close as possible.

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Has social media been good for your business?

Absolutely. Instagram is excellent for promotion as our clients often tag us when they’re showing off their new nails. Ruby and I post every day on Instagram and Facebook. It’s a great way to keep in contact with our clients.

Speaking of business, what other places do you frequent in Ellenbrook?

Business owners are super friendly in Ellenbrook, and we like to support each other. I love the Laneway Seven Café, which is across the road from our salon. We go there for coffee and breakfast before we start work. I got both my tattoos at Execution Ink in Ellenbrook. I couldn’t be happier with them! I’m also excited to see K-Mart open in July. I love K-Mart!

Now, I wonder if I’ve got time for an Express Facial?

Sure, let’s do it!

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