What Do Local Ellenbrook Buyers Want?

January 15, 2020

When spending money to add value to your home or investment property it’s important to understand what appeals to your prospective buyers.

That way you don’t risk overcapitalising on renovations that don’t truly add value. We’ve identified some trends that local buyers will happily pay more for.

Add instant appeal to your home or investment property with sustainable design, smart home tech, a native garden and family friendly features.

Good first impressions

The decision making behind buying property is emotional as well as practical. So when it comes to selling a home, nothing matters more than the first impression a buyer has when they walk through the front gate or front door. Vendors need to make sure this first impression is a good one: pay attention to street appeal, and make sure your front porch, front door and hallway gets some TLC.

Great gardens and ‘outdoor rooms’

Once upon a time Ellenbrook was the domain of market gardeners and many locals keep this theme alive by loving their gardens with a huge passion. While many buyers are likely to want to bring their own unique touch to it, if you can create a space that feels instantly appealing and easy to maintain it will always add huge appeal. Many Perth homes sit on ancient sand dunes, which can be challenging for gardeners. Choose sturdy, drought-tolerant native plants for a low maintenance garden with striking flowers and foliage.

Tidy kitchens and bathrooms

They say kitchens sell houses, but when it comes to kitchen and bathroom renovations, it’s always smart not to over-capitalise, as some buyers will want to take on a project and renovate themselves. Because of this, we don’t usually advise vendors to renovate kitchens or bathrooms purely in order to sell – you may not recoup the money you spend. But it’s still important to make sure your kitchen and bathroom are clean, clutter free, and functional.

Sustainable features

The growing need to create homes of the future that are more sustainable mean that eco-friendly features are a big win both for your property value and the planet. If you don’t already have it, consider installing solar energy or smart energy features such as LED bulbs. Water filtration systems are also a popular choice as are any devices that help reduce water usage – from outdoor water tanks to eco shower heads.

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Smart Home Tech

The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing homes everywhere, with smart homes being more convenient, customizable and sustainable. If you don’t want to invest in a major tech upgrade there are numerous smart devices – many of which cost under $100 – that can be used to turn on lights, change the temperature, manage entertainment, watch energy use, and even keep an eye on your home while you’re away. They also help showcase your home as a convenient and modern place to live.

Family friendly

Ellenbrook and surrounds have always been popular with young families, as it’s an affordable and safe place to raise a family with great local schools. Therefore, any renovations or updates you make should consider family friendly appeal, whether it’s your choice of lawn or garden plants, rounded corners on cabinetry or safe fencing around pools and driveways.

Location, location, location

The new Morley-Ellenbrook Line with a train station at Ellenbrook will connect the north-eastern suburbs to the broader rail network, linking residents with more employment, education and recreation. This will likely also enhance the area’s appeal to a new type of resident, with more commuters expected to purchase in the area in coming years. Homes close to the station are set to benefit the most.

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