What You Need to Know Before Buying Your First Home

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Just 20 kilometres from Perth’s CBD, Ellenbrook is a popular spot for first home buyers looking for an affordable, accessible entry point into the market.

And it’s little wonder when you consider what is on offer.

Why choose Ellenbrook as a first home buyer?

Whether you’re single, a couple or searching for your first family home, Ellenbrook is an ideal suburb for buyers trying to get their first foot on the property ladder. The suburb is just a 30-minute drive (approximately) from central Perth and a 10-minute drive from Swan Valley. There’s a variety of established properties as well as land packages available to suit different tastes, budgets and lifestyles.

This well-planned community is well connected to a range of established amenities and services. In addition to a vibrant town centre, locals enjoy easy access to schools, medical services and 155 hectares of parklands, as well as a local shopping centre and other speciality stores, restaurants, bars, cafes and recreational facilities.

A great time to buy

It’s no secret that Perth has experienced a long property downturn. According to CoreLogic data, prices have fallen 20% in the past five years. But with interest rates nationwide at an all-time low, there are some very good opportunities if you’re ready to buy. Given Ellenbrook’s central location and connection to services, it’s well-positioned to take advantage of an upswing in prices when it occurs.

Help for first home buyers

State and Federal government assistance for first home buyers make it easier to get into the market. They include :

First Home Owner Grant

The First Home Owner Grant (FHOG) is a one-off payment of $10,000 intended to encourage and support first home buyers who are buying or building a new residential property for use as their principal place of residence. Note that only one grant is payable per eligible transaction, so two people purchasing a house together will only receive one grant. A home that has been substantially renovated may also be considered a new home under the guidelines. The grant is not available for the purchase of an established home or for renovations to an existing home.

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Concessional stamp (transfer) duty

If you are eligible to receive the FHOG, or would be eligible except that you are purchasing an established home, you may also be eligible for the concessional first home owner rate of duty. In WA, the First Home Owner Rate of Duty provides exemptions and concessions when purchasing homes valued at less than $530,000 and vacant land valued at less than $400,000.

First Home Loan Deposit Scheme

The First Home Loan Deposit Scheme (FHLDS) aims to help eligible first home buyers purchase a home sooner. Under this Federal Government scheme, part of an eligible first home buyer’s home loan from a participating lender will be guaranteed by the National Housing Finance and Investment Corporation (NHFIC). This can enable first home buyers to purchase a home with a deposit of as little as 5 per cent. The Scheme will support up to 10,000 loans each financial year, starting from 1 January 2020. It can be used in conjunction with the FHOG. Current property price caps for WA are $400,000 for capital cities and regional centres and $300,000 for the rest of the state.

Keystart Home Loans

Depending upon your income, you may also be eligible for a Low Deposit home loan with just 2% genuine savings and no lender’s mortgage insurance with Keystart Home Loans. The maximum purchase price for properties is currently $480,000. Low Deposit Home Loan limits as of writing are $105,000 for singles, $130,000 for couples and $155,000 for families. Buyers should check the interest rates, as they do vary from traditional lenders. But these loans are making the dream of homeownership more accessible for many Western Australians.

Talk to our expert team today if you need help planning the next stage of your property journey.

The Best Gyms In Ellenbrook

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Exercise not only has proven benefits for your physical health, it helps immune function, and boosts your mood and reduces anxiety.

We take a look at some of the fantastic gyms Ellenbrook has to offer. While at the time of writing these gyms were open – this may change due to Covid-19. If you can’t go in person, you can find a workout to do online. Let’s keep healthy and stay fit!

Anytime Fitness – Ellenbrook

Anytime Fitness Ellenbrook is the local outpost of one of Australia’s largest gym chains. As the name suggests, they’re open 24/7 so you can work out at a time that suits you. Members can access over 3,200 Anytime Fitness gyms worldwide (including almost 500 in Australia) which is a great perk for frequent travellers. Members can also access the Anytime Fitness app, where they can set goals, monitor their progress and access more than 1000 workouts.

Ellenbrook Fitness Centre

Handily located on Main Street, opposite Ellenbrook Central shopping centre, Ellenbrook Fitness Centre is Ellenbrook’s original 24-hour gym – and one of its biggest. There’s something for everyone, with an extensive range of group fitness classes and a wide variety of equipment including Hammer Strength training equipment, free weights and lifting platforms, Prowler sled and track and a separate spin room. There’s a ladies-only gym and a creche providing care for children from 2 months to 12 years old.

F45 Training – Ellenbrook

If you think you don’t have time to go to the gym, F45 Ellenbrook could change your mind. 45 minutes is the total duration of their signature workout, which aims to burn up to 750 calories per session. The F stands for functional training, describing their mix of circuit and high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts. If you think you could spare 45 minutes, take F45 Ellenbrook up on their offer of a free 7-day trial and give it a go.

Infused CrossFit & OT

Whether you’re new to working out or a seasoned pro, you’re bound to have heard of CrossFit. Born in California and characterised by workouts that change every single day, it took the fitness world by storm and devotees swear by it. Ellenbrook Infused is a unique CrossFit facility with onsite exercise physiology and occupational therapy clinic. They also offer kids (from 5 years old) and teens classes and a 28-day challenge to help you achieve specific fitness goals.

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Step into Life – Ellenbrook

Keen to get moving but don’t like gyms? Consider Step Into Life’s group personal training classes held outdoors. Just like a gym, they offer a class timetable, so you can choose a class type and time that suits you – but the classes are conducted at Ellenbrook’s Coolamon Oval. Step Into Life’s focus is on fostering a fun and welcoming exercise experience that boosts confidence and self-esteem – and offers a healthy dose of fresh air to boot.

Embody Fitness & Pilates

Since 2013 Embody Fitness and Pilates have been offering contemporary Pilates classes in Aveley. Beloved of celebs but long since crossed into the mainstream, Pilates is a form of low-impact exercise with a range of benefits, including a stronger back and better posture, improved tone and flexibility and rehabilitation from injury. Pilates can be performed on a mat or using a machine called a reformer. At Embody they offer both studio and reformer private and small group classes, suitable for everyone from beginners to advanced practitioners.

Tara Yoga

Looking to improve your mind and body fitness? Welcome to yoga. With its origins in ancient India, yoga offers benefits beyond just the physical. Along with increased strength and flexibility, regular yoga practice can bring improved sleep, concentration, posture and general wellbeing. Tara Yoga offers a full range of classes for all levels, including beginners, seven days a week in a serene studio in Ellenbrook. If you’re interested in yoga’s mental benefits, keep an eye out for Tara Yoga’s meditation courses.

Local Business: Crust Ellenbrook Gives Back

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Ask anyone in Ellenbrook where to get great gourmet pizza, and they’ll usually tell you that our local Crust Pizza shop is the place to go.

But pizza is not the only thing on the menu. Fundraising for local charities is also one of this pizza shop’s specialities. The restaurant has developed a reputation throughout the community for their service to those most in need – from pledging a portion of their Christmas earnings to The Salvation Army to raising money for a local family.

We sat down with Crust’s owner, Garry, to talk about pizza, Ellenbrook, and serving the community.

Crust Pizza is a prominent landmark in Ellenbrook, how long have you been established?

We opened on 1 May 2014, so we are celebrating our sixth birthday in 2020.

Congratulations and happy anniversary! How did you come to open Crust, had you always been in the restaurant industry?

No actually my background was in finance and engineering, so it was completely different. But my passion was always food, and especially pizza. I had always loved Crust, so when the opportunity came to open one in Ellenbrook I didn’t think twice. Luckily for me, it’s been a great decision.

Who doesn’t love pizza? Is there a pizza that has consistently been the most popular over that time?

Yes, there has. No question about it, the Meat Deluxe is still the most popular. Customers love the BBQ sauce and the meat topping!

Do you have a signature pizza or a personal favourite that customers can’t get anywhere else?

For me, our Pesto Chicken Club is totally unique. It comes with chicken, onion, tomato, prosciutto – and mozzarella of course! And then we top it with rocket, avocado and pesto aioli. For me, it’s the best.

That sounds delicious. So what makes Crust Pizza Ellenbrook different from other local pizza restaurants?

We do gourmet pizza. And, at Crust, it is all about quality.

What’s the craziest order someone has made?

Someone once ordered a Meat Deluxe, but with twice the amount of toppings on the one crust. It looked more like a cake than a pizza!

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What is your busiest night of the week?

Without a doubt, Friday is always our busiest night. There is a great buzz around the dinner rush time on a Friday. We have about twice the amount of staff on than we do other nights – both shop staff and drivers – and we have loads of deliveries. It’s about answering phones and making sure those pizzas get out quickly to customers’ homes in the neighborhood to enjoy, so they’re just as hot as they would be if they came into the store!

Crust is well known for the events you throw. Tell us about some of the best you’ve hosted.

We do Crust Halloween Night every year. I think that’s my favourite night of the year. We give free pizza to kids in costumes. It’s great to see kids in costumes eating pizza. We actually do around 400-500 free pizzas for kids every year.

That’s amazing. Is that what you enjoy most about Ellenbrook, the focus on family in the community?

Yes, Ellenbrook is very family-oriented. We are a growing community but the people here are extremely friendly and helpful.

You’re very active in the community with fundraising. Tell us about some of the community events and fundraisers you’ve been involved in?

We have done a few events with local schools, but I think our best fundraiser was last year’s Halloween. We raised money for a local child suffering with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. As I said, we usually give free pizzas away for Halloween, but last year we asked for a $2 donation per pizza and gave all the proceeds away to his family, to help them afford the wheelchair accessible vehicle they need. We raised over $1,300 dollars.

That’s wonderful. Why do you think it is important for local businesses to be active in the community?

I feel that as a local business, we are a deeply entrenched part of the community. We employ local people, and I also live in the area. I moved to Ellenbrook in late 2014, about six months after we opened, so I could be closer to the shop. Ellenbrook is a great place to live. It’s safe and peaceful, and it also has everything you need. It’s close to the beach and Swann Valley is a short drive. In the end, it is about supporting the community that supports you.

Find Crust Pizza at Shop D04, 11 Main Street, Ellenbrook Central
Phone: (08) 6296 6211
[email protected]

Meet Me At Ellenbrook Dôme

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It was a coming of age for Ellenbrook when the Dôme Café franchise moved into town back in 2009, occupying a prime position on Main Street.

Proudly West Australian, Dôme Café started in Cottesloe in 1991 and now has 130 cafes worldwide, with 54 in Western Australia.

In 2012, Coralie, a young student from Mauritius, started working in the kitchen. Three years ago she became Dôme Café Ellenbrook’s manager. Coralie and her team of 21 staff keep Ellenbrook caffeinated and well-fed, as well as providing a great space for the community to come together.

We recently popped in for a coffee and a chat.

It’s great coffee here. Where does Dôme source their coffee beans?

Our Arabica coffee is originated in Ethiopia. The Arabica coffee is grown in many locations each with its own unique flavor and characteristics such as: Colombia, Kenya, brazil, new guinea, Costa Rica, Sumatra

Won’t you be joining me for a coffee?

I adore making great coffee, but I don’t actually drink it. Maybe because I spend my days surrounded by it.

You’ve lived and worked in Ellenbrook a long time now. You must have witnessed a great deal of change?

Definitely! There have been a lot of new people moving in, and with that, you get a stronger sense of community.

Dôme has now become an Ellenbrook landmark. People often say, “meet you at Dôme!”

Dôme is a very much a local’s meeting place, so we see our regulars all the time. There are always a stream of new customers too, who then become regulars! As the cafe takes up two floors, there is plenty of space for people to grab a complimentary newspaper or magazine and relax with a coffee or tea. We have free wifi, so our customers come and work on their laptops or study. We even have had a customer writing a book!

Speaking of characters, are there any local characters you can tell me about?

We have a very kind customer who comes in and talks to me in French every morning as he takes his coffee.

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That must be nice for you to use your mother tongue?

I’d love to lose my accent, but I speak French with him every day!

Tell us about some of the events you have at Dôme?

We have informal meetups such as mothers’ groups, as well as groups such as NRG – a network business referral group that comes in every three weeks. There is a free Essential Oils Sip & Sniff event every two weeks, where people can try different essential oils.

I love that dogs are welcome on the Dôme terrace.

We are very dog-friendly. However, you can’t take your dog inside unless it’s a guide dog. It’s so lovely to see owners and their pooches enjoying breakfast or lunch outside in the sunshine.

Speaking of breakfast and lunch, what is on the menu?

Our breakfast menu runs all day. You can even order breakfast at night time. I often see people tucking into The Big Breakfast for their dinner. Our menu is extensive covering pizzas, burgers, wraps, fish and chips, calamari, pork sliders. It’s all made fresh to order on the premises. And cakes! We have a really great cake selection.

Cafés have become destinations for dates and date nights. Do you see much romance happening in Ellenbrook?

We do! A few years back, we even had a marriage proposal on Valentine’s Day! Often local couples come in the evening on a date night, and sometimes you see people who’ve met on dating apps getting to know each other.

After so long at Dôme in Ellenbrook, you must know a lot of peoples’ coffee taste.

While I know people by their names, I also know them by their coffee. I’ll see someone outside of work and think ‘skinny flat white’, or ‘long black, two sugars’.

Thanks for keeping Ellenbrook caffeinated!

Meet the Locals: The Glamour Girls Of Ellenbrook

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Local sisters Sarah and Ruby Ha have had their business, The Glamour Gallery, for 12 years.

Last year they decided to rebrand and renovate their business and take it to glamourous new heights. We caught up with Sarah to get our nails done and get the lowdown on all the beauty salon gossip.

Sarah, congratulations on the renovations, The Glamour Gallery looks fabulous!

Thank you! We pretty much completely changed everything in the shop from the ceilings to the floors to create a brand-new salon. Our mission was to create a beautiful tranquil space where our clients receive the best service and walk away feeling as if they’d been truly pampered. We reopened late last year, and the feedback has been fantastic – we’ve had so many compliments from our clients. We’re pretty happy.

Why did you decide to rebrand a successful business?

We bought the salon 12 years ago, and it was called Crystal Nails and Beauty. We’ve been known as a nail salon, but we wanted to emphasise our specialities and services that range beyond that. When we renovated, it made sense to change our name. The Glamour Gallery is a full beauty salon. As well as nails, we offer waxing, tanning, facials, micro-blading, cosmetic tattooing and eyelash extensions.

What is your favourite treatment to give?

I love giving facials. I notice such a difference, and by the end of the treatment, your skin just skin glows. It’s also great to watch people completely relax and forget their everyday lives. We use an American brand called Dermalogica. We chose the brand because Ruby and I both used it ourselves. Dermalogica uses evidence-based formulas, which work. A lot of clients opt for a 20-minute Express facial, maybe because we have so many busy mums as clients. We focus on a problem area, for example, if they need blackheads extracted or their skin freshened up with a chemical peel. We also have gift certificate vouchers in our store.

You opened 12 years ago, what made you think Ellenbrook would be an excellent place for a business?

I qualified as a beauty therapist at Central TAFE in Perth. I worked with my sister for three years before we decided to open our shop. We saw a post on a community group about a nail business for sale. At the time, nobody knew where Ellenbrook was! But we could see the enormous potential. At first, our salon was pretty quiet. We changed the salon up a bit, and modernised it to do nails in a very contemporary way. We added a lot of new collections with polishes and gels. This started to bring in a generation who take their nails very seriously. Nail art is always evolving. Ruby and I are continually training and upskilling to stay ahead of the trends. Right now, Ruby is in Paris undertaking a course in 3D nail art, which is texturised nail art. It’s the next big thing in nail art.

Wow – bringing a bit of Paris to Ellenbrook. What else is trending in nail art at the moment?

Our clients used to ask for square round shape, but now it’s ballerina or coffin-shaped nails. Another popular option is the stiletto shape, which is when nails are filed into a sharp point. Now clients often come in and show models or celebrities on Instagram such as Kylie Jenner or Rihanna and ask us to replicate their nails. We love to be creative and experiment, so we’ll always say yes and get them as close as possible.

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Has social media been good for your business?

Absolutely. Instagram is excellent for promotion as our clients often tag us when they’re showing off their new nails. Ruby and I post every day on Instagram and Facebook. It’s a great way to keep in contact with our clients.

Speaking of business, what other places do you frequent in Ellenbrook?

Business owners are super friendly in Ellenbrook, and we like to support each other. I love the Laneway Seven Café, which is across the road from our salon. We go there for coffee and breakfast before we start work. I got both my tattoos at Execution Ink in Ellenbrook. I couldn’t be happier with them! I’m also excited to see K-Mart open in July. I love K-Mart!

Now, I wonder if I’ve got time for an Express Facial?

Sure, let’s do it!

Follow the girls on Instagram @theglamourgalleryellenbrook, or Facebook.com/theglamourgalleryEllenbrook/

What Tenants Want From A Rental Property

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Renting out an investment property can be very competitive, with landlords vying for the best tenants.

Here’s how to offer what tenants want and keep your investment profitable.

Communication and respect

Housing is one of our key needs in life, so it’s important that tenants feel safe, secure and respected when it comes to decisions about the place they call home. We take this responsibility very seriously at 360 Real Estate.

It’s not just about common decency for us, although that does play a big part in how we do business. Treating your tenants with respect also has a significant impact on how likely they are to stay in the property long-term, instead of casting their eye on what else they could get in the market and contributing to costly vacancies. A tenant who feels like their needs are respected and that they can communicate openly is more likely to continue on after their lease period has ended. They’re also more likely to treat your property with respect.

This philosophy of respect and communication extends to charging a fair rent as well. If you raise the rent too often, ask for too much or refuse to negotiate on a fair price for both parties, it’s a clear sign to tenants that they’re not being respected. The bottom line? Treat tenants how you’d expect to be treated and your investment will benefit.

Fair and competitive rent

So you know that a fair rent is important to tenants, but do you know what a fair rent is for your property? Many investors don’t and this is where a professional property manager with years of local knowledge can be an asset. They’ll consider the key features your property offers – such as number of bedrooms and bathrooms, proximity to transport and future infrastructure development, air conditioning, parking, the condition of the property and so on – and compare it to similar homes in the market. This helps determine a competitive price that will attract tenants, while still bringing in a good return to cover your costs.

Tenants are often happy to pay a bit more for a property with added features. Many expect and understand the need for occasional rent increases, as long as you can show how the rent is still in line with the current market. If you ask for too much more you’re more likely to have higher vacancy rates as your tenants find something better for a cheaper price.

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Small renovations, or even just simple improvements, can also ensure your property remains desirable for your target audience. A coat of paint can often do the trick, as can installing a dishwasher or updating the flooring or curtains. We’re happy to chat to you about ways to tweak your property to appeal to more buyers before it hits the rental market.

Repairs and maintenance

No matter how well you and your tenants have cared for the property, there’s bound to be something that comes up that will need your attention. And it’s understandable that tenants expect any repairs and maintenance issues to be dealt with promptly.

There are legal regulations that dictate what classifies as urgent and how quickly urgent matters need to be handled. An experienced property manager can guide you through these and take care of them on your behalf. Our rule of thumb for most maintenance matters is to deal with them as quickly as possible. We have a dedicated team responsible for the day-to-day management of your property, to make sure it can be given the attention it deserves.

Leaving reported maintenance issues unattended, even if they’re not urgent, can make tenants feel like they’re not being listened to and that they might be better off elsewhere. It can also be a more difficult to talk about rental terms if it looks like you haven’t been holding up your end of the bargain.

Keeping tenants happy is an important part of renting your investment. Talk to us today about how to make it happen.

Fun in Ellenbrook During The School Holidays

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Ellenbrook has always been a very child-friendly place to live.

The planned community was designed with young families in mind and there are many parks and open spaces to choose from.

However, the school holidays can feel long and kids’ attention spans are short. Here are some ideas to get you through to the next term.

1. Playgrounds

Playgrounds are always a great source of exercise and entertainment. Budding pirates will love the Pirate Playground. Older children can get closer to nature at Annie’s Landing District Playspace, which has climbing structures, a bird’s nest swing and a flying fox. There is equipment for smaller children available to keep toddler siblings happy as well.

Kids of all ages can make a splash at the award-winning Rainbow Waters Playground. There are 15 interactive water features here including bubble jets and spray guns and it’s a great place to cool down in summer.

2. Wildlife

One of the best parts of living away from the centre of a big city is how close you are to native flora and fauna. The West Australian Reptile Park is a family-owned facility that allows children to get up close to a python and interact with other scaly creatures. It’s found in Henley Brook which is just a short drive away.

If you prefer furry animals try the Swan Valley Cuddly Animal Farm. There the kids can feed bunnies and guinea pigs, among other farm animals. They can also be near alpacas, ponies, donkeys, sheep, emus, calves, pigs, goats and turkeys and many more. Kids that aren’t so excited about animals can jump on a bouncy castle or enjoy a train ride.

The famous Caversham Wildlife Park is also in the vicinity. There, children can feed kangaroos, meet a wombat and watch a farm show. It’s a great place to see native animals and learn more about them.

3. Activities

There is a huge range of activities to keep children active in nearby Henley Brook. They can play a game of Paintball Skirmish, which is a great way to resolve any tension between siblings. The suburb also contains the Oasis Supa Golf & Adventure Putt there is an Adventure Putt course for mini-golfers, which strives to keep them occupied for an hour and a Supa Golf course where the golf clubs are plastic and oversized – great for children who are older than six. If your children want to shoot each other these holidays, the Oasis Resort also hosts Laser Corps Outdoor Laser Tag there are school holiday sessions available on their website. If its arts and crafts they’re into try Creative Kids Art Class in nearby Aveley who run holiday programs.

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4. Community

One of the highlights of living in Ellenbrook is the community. The Swan City Council keeps track of school holiday activities and events, and recent holidays have seen the council advertise skateboard clinics, sculpture classes and Scooter and BMX Sessions among many options. Swan Libraries also host kids events that are worth checking out.

It’s worth checking the Ellenbrook Central Shopping Centre at the start of the holidays. In October, they had craft activities, face-painting and special food deals. Parents can also join the Ellenbrook & Surrounds School Holiday Programs Facebook Page which provides a wide selection of activities – enough to entertain the fussiest of children.

5. Whiteman Park

Whiteman Park has so many school-holiday options that it needs a category of its own. It’s in the heart of Swan Valley and contains the Caversham Wildlife Park. Animals aside, there are three museums dedicated to Transport: The Revolutions Transport Museum, The Tractor Museum of WA and the Motor Museum of WA. These visits can be accompanied with heritage tram and vintage train rides.

There is a Children’s Forest where kids can learn about the native bushland and a range of playgrounds, including one with a paddling pool. They also have many fun events throughout the year and a school holiday program which is worth checking out!

And finally,

If you feel like a break book a meal and get the kids into kids club at The Vines.

If you’re looking to make Ellenbrook your home, contact our team today.

5 Ways Ellenbrook Will Change In The Next 10 Years

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When Ellenbrook was initially developed in Perth’s north-eastern suburbs, it was designed as a self-sustainable, family-friendly community for its residents.

Nearly 40,000 people lived in Ellenbrook as of the 2016 Census, with 80% of them being family households, and the population is set to top 70,000 residents by 2036. Big things are on the horizon for Ellenbrook, and property owners have a lot to get excited about in the next decade.

1. Ellenbrook railway line connecting commuters

Ellenbrook has been designed to have everything residents need at its doorstep, so it’s sometimes referred to as a ‘satellite city’. With a 21 km drive into the CBD it’s currently around an hour’s commute via public transport. But the state government has big plans for the area.

After almost a decade of political ‘will they, won’t they’ debate, in 2017 the McGowan Labour government finally confirmed it would build an Ellenbrook railway line. The Morley-Ellenbrook line’s route alignment was confirmed in August 2019 and is ready to begin construction, with a tentative opening set for 2022.

The best news for residents and potential buyers in Ellenbrook? Once the line is in service it will slash commuters’ travel time into the CBD to just 30 minutes.

2. New schools and Youth Centre

Since its earliest days, Ellenbrook has always been a family-friendly suburb. And it continues to be so, with more than half (55%) of households having children, and over a third (37%) of the suburb’s total population under 15 years old.

So it’s no surprise the local and state government is invested in the future of Ellenbrook’s youth.

In February 2018, Aveley Secondary College opened, to take the pressure off Ellenbrook Secondary College. Located in the North West of Ellenbrook, it is only serving students in Year 7 and Year 8 as of 2019. Each year Aveley Secondary College will progressively increase the number of students until it has all six year groups in 2023.

The City of Swan and state government are also investing in a new Ellenbrook youth centre. The site will be located at Charlie Gregorini Memorial Reserve and aligns with the city’s Youth Strategy.

The state has already committed $1.86 million to the purpose-built facility, and in the interim young people in Ellenbrook can spend time at The Cool Room, which is a drop-in centre with pool tables, ping-pong, music and sports facilities.

3. Reduced congestion and better road safety

With Ellenbrook’s population expected to rise significantly over the next 10 to 15 years, the local government is making major investments in the surrounding roads in order to boost safety, increase the level of service and, most importantly, reduce congestion in anticipation of more residents.

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Currently, in Stage 2 of a four-stage process, duplication of The Broadway is well underway. Additional lanes and phasing changes are taking place in the immediate vicinity of The Broadway/The Promenade, and the City of Swan expects Stage 2 to be completed come to the end of the year.

4. New wastewater main to support a higher population

In addition to wider roads, dual-lane roundabouts and reconfigured intersections to streamline Ellenbrook traffic, the local government is pouring millions into a wastewater infrastructure upgrade.

It may not be glamorous – or even visible to us – but these types of upgrades are key to supporting Ellenbrook’s anticipated growth. The $3.49 million investment in a new wastewater main will “help reduce the likelihood of blockages and wastewater overflows” in the years to come.

Disruption to residents will be minimal thanks to “a combination of trenchless technology and open-trench excavation”, and locals can expect the project to be completed by early 2020.

5. The state of the WA mining scene

Perth has enjoyed the highs and endured the lows of Australia’s mining boom, and the state of the mining industry will no doubt continue to have an impact on the popularity of Perth suburbs like Ellenbrook.

Innovation is at the heart of modern mining, with some operators predicting the Australian mining industry will be completely autonomous by 2030. That prediction, as well as discussions around the future of the greater WA mining scene, will be covered at a conference in the state capital mid-October.

However, what’s clear is that new technologies – including automation – will create jobs, rather than just eliminate them. In fact, a recent report found that new mining tech will inject Australia’s economy with $74 billion while creating 80,000 jobs. And with Perth such a major hub for the mining sector, it’s suburbs like Ellenbrook that will be ripe for home owners in the coming decade.

Do you see your future in Ellenbrook?

Ellenbrook isn’t just a family-friendly suburb expected to grow in the next decade. It offers affordable land and homes, is an award-winning master-planned community, and will become even more connected to the CBD thanks to big investments in local infrastructure.

If you’re ready to find your perfect home in Ellenbrook before other buyers realise its potential, contact the experts at 360 Real Estate today.

Why A Slow Property Market Is The Best Time To Buy

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The best time to purchase property in Perth could be now, particularly if you’re a first-time homebuyer.

It’s certainly a buyer’s market, interest rates are at record lows, there’s plenty of help available for first home buyers, and housing has never been more affordable.

It’s no secret that Perth is experiencing the longest property downturn we’ve seen in 30 years. Prices have fallen around 20% in the past five years, according to CoreLogic data, and home building has reduced significantly. The silver lining in these clouds, however, is that these conditions present the best opportunities buyers have seen in a long time, making it an ideal time to get your foot on the property ladder or upgrade your home.

Housing is affordable

With falls in house prices, many Perth suburbs are now more affordable, especially for first time home buyers. For example, median property prices in Ellenbrook over the last year have ranged from $340,000 for houses to $209,000 for units. If you are looking for an investment property, consider that houses in Ellenbrook rent out for $325 per week with an annual rental yield of 5.0%, while units rent for $270 per week with a rental yield of 6.7%. Right now, Ellenbrook presents a great opportunity to buy at a lower price and take advantage of any future capital gains when the market rebounds over time.

Interest rates are at record lows

With the Reserve Bank holding the cash rate at a record low 1.0 per cent and downgrading its economic growth and inflation forecasts, interest rates are at a historically all-time low. What’s more, many experts are predicting another cut before the end of 2019.

Financing conditions are easing

In the wake of the Royal Banking Commission, banks significantly tightened their lending conditions, which reduced buyer activity. However, the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) has now asked banks to relax lending rules. APRA has flagged that it will lower its minimum serviceability buffer, making it easier, in theory, for buyers to borrow.

Help for first home buyers

In excellent news for first home buyers, the State Government announced it will temporarily increase Keystart income limits to help more people enter the housing market. The previous income limits of $90,000 for singles, $115,000 for couples and $135,000 for a family will be lifted by $15,000 for singles and couples and $20,000 for families between July 1 and December 31, 2019. This change followed the government’s $420 million extension of Keystart’s loan book in December last year, boosting its lending capacity to $4.8 billion. Keystart was established in 1989 to provide low-deposit loans to Western Australians unable to meet the deposit requirements of mainstream lenders.

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Help is also available for first home buyers in the form of the State Government’s $10,000 First Home Owners’ Grant and discounted rates of stamp duty for eligible first home buyers.

Reduced competition

The weak market conditions have seen many buyers and sellers shy away from the market. Those in a position to buy now have less competition to contend with and can take their time negotiating with vendors and making a well-considered purchase.

Current opportunities for buyers

The flip side of falling consumer confidence, and its impact on the property market, are the challenges that a strong market presents for buyers. When consumer confidence is low, confident buyers can take advantage of the opportunities afforded by weaker housing market conditions. First-time buyers will likely find they can finally get their foot on the property ladder and, with the gap between property price brackets smaller, and more time to make a decision, it’s a great time to upgrade.

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What The New Rail Line Means For Ellenbrook

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The route and station locations are now finalised for the billion-dollar Morley–Ellenbrook Line.

So how will the new rail link affect Ellenbrook and its residents?

It’s no secret that Ellenbrook is a popular place to live. Indeed, the family-friendly area is one of the fastest-growing population centres in the state. And it’s easy to see why. It offers a wonderfully close-knit community, plenty of parklands to relax in, and a range of property options clustered around a well-serviced town centre. Plus, there’s a choice of 10 primary schools and five secondary schools, all within easy reach.

But most transport in the area is by car, and a trip to Perth’s CBD typically takes around an hour. Until now.

The new Morley–Ellenbrook Line is set to fill the public transport gap in the north-east corridor and transform how Ellenbrook locals connect with the wider city – and how the city connects with our community too.

About the rail project

After 18 months of planning and development, the state government is now set to deliver on one of its major election commitments. A 21 km Metronet rail line will connect Ellenbrook and nearby areas with the Perth CBD.

Beginning at Ellenbrook, the line will spur off the Midland Line and provide a much-needed transport link for local residents.

Ellenbrook’s new train station will be located right in the town centre, with residents able to reach the station by bus, car or on foot. The line will pass through various stations en route to Malaga, before heading down the middle of Tonkin Highway and on to Bayswater and the CBD.

The Bill to authorise the construction of the rail line was introduced to parliament in September 2019. Construction is due to start in early 2020, with the line slated to open in 2022.

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How will Ellenbrook residents benefit?

The new rail line is expected to halve travel times between Ellenbrook and the CBD to just 30 minutes – music to the ears of city workers. Not only will this make for a faster, more relaxed commute, locals can also look forward to an earlier return home to everything that makes life in Ellenbrook so attractive.

With the rail line passing through the upgraded Bayswater station, Ellenbrook residents can also connect to the wider rail network more conveniently than ever. This will provide improved, more direct access to hot spots like the airport, Optus Stadium and Fremantle.

It will also make Ellenbrook and its own shops and services more accessible to others along the rail line, which is great news for local businesses in our area.

What about property prices?

Ellenbrook’s appeal as a place to call home is well known, with the development receiving more than 30 national and international awards for its community and urban planning.

The arrival of the new rail line is likely to drive interest even more in this already popular area.

With the new rail line increasing the area’s accessibility, Ellenbrook is set to continue luring those seeking a connected yet quiet haven. And locals can continue to enjoy the peace and community feel of the area while benefiting from improved links to the city.

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