What To Look For In A Property Manager

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Choosing a property manager is an important decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly, but when you’re faced with numerous options – including DIY – how do you make the right choice?

Here’s what to look for in a property manager.

Local knowledge

A property management professional who knows the industry and its regulations inside and out is one thing. But what often sets an exceptional property manager apart from an average one is their experience in your local area.

When you combine the practicalities of the job with a deep understanding of region-specific trends, statistics and people, you’ll tap into insights and connections that can deliver better results in the short- and long-term. When it comes to a changing area like Ellenbrook, this insider know-how is invaluable in helping you think ahead for your investment property’s future.

When looking for your next property manager, enquire about their experience in your area or suburb and ask for examples of properties they’ve managed nearby, or what attracts tenants to the local area.

Great communication

Property managers play the role of intermediary for tenants and landlords, often discussing important maintenance issues, regulations and laws. Handling this communication professionally and promptly is a non-negotiable.

When looking for a property manager, consider how quickly you receive replies from them, how professional and informative they are, and how open they are to answering your questions. This will often give you a great sense of how they’ll operate once you’re working together, as well as how they would communicate with your tenants on your behalf.

Passion (and great reviews)

Property management isn’t just a job – it’s an important role in helping investors get the most out of their assets and in helping tenants find a home they love. The best property managers love engaging with clients to find the best solution, and you’ll be able to sense this emotional rapport as soon as you speak to them about your property.

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But if you want something more tangible, look at recent reviews. Do your due diligence and check out reviews websites and social media for testimonials, or ask your potential property manager to show you some written references or give you the number of some happy customers you can call.

A focus on property management

Some agents tack on property management to their list of other services, occasionally adding it to a sales agent’s responsibilities or giving a huge number of properties to just one or two property managers. This is a sure sign that property management isn’t being given the attention it needs, so the management of your investment could risk falling to the wayside.

At 360 Real Estate, we know how important a clear focus is. We have two dedicated teams focusing on property management – one on working with our clients and one on everyday tasks and maintenance – so you can feel confident that we have it under control. This specialised focus gives your property manager more time to dedicate to each client and to each property.

A long-term approach

A property is a long-term investment, so it pays to work with a professional who is willing to take a long-term approach. The name 360 Real Estate is our way of showing that we believe in supporting landlords through all aspects of real estate – from investment to property management, to provide a holistic service so your investment is as successful and profitable as it can be.

Looking for a property manager that’s right for you?

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Five Projects Coming To Ellenbrook

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Ellenbrook was always a suburb with a vision.

The award-winning planned neighbourhood was designed to provide its residents with a sense of community, and today there are more than 40,000 inhabitants enjoying the lifestyle perks of the area.

As its population grows, Ellenbrook has ambitious plans for its future. Here are five exciting things coming to Ellenbrook in the next few years.

1. The Morley-Ellenbrook Line

Rail transport has been a ‘missing link’ among Ellenbrook’s otherwise excellent infrastructure. However, residents rejoiced in August when the state government announced that construction on the Morley-Ellenbrook portion of the METRONET will commence at the end of the year.

The 21 km rail line will halve transport time from Ellenbrook to the CBD to just 30 minutes. The train will travel from Ellenbrook town centre, along the western side of new Lord Street, north of Marshall Road and down the middle of Tonkin Highway to Bayswater Station at the Midland Line.

“It’s really a game-changer … it really allows people to connect into the opportunities that exist in the metropolitan area and the CBD,” said Transport Minister Rita Saffioti. We couldn’t agree more.

2. Ellenbrook Central Shopping Centre

Ellenbrook Central has always been a very good hub with shops like Aldi, Best & Less, Big W, Coles and Woolworths. However, a $63 million expansion plan will add 20 more retailers, 320 more roof-top car spaces (topped with solar-generating shades) and 380 more jobs in the centre upon completion.

The expansion is set to be finished by 2020.

Locals seem to be most excited about Kmart, with media reports that Kmart fanatics are counting down until the opening of the new store.

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3. Tonkin Gap Rebuild

The ‘Tonkin Gap’ is an infamous stretch of road: A two-lane system sandwiched between the billion-dollar North Link project and the billion-dollar Gateway interchange, which has slowed commuters on a daily basis.

In July, the WA Government allocated $400 million in order to widen the two lanes into three, in both directions. This is expected to save peak-hour drivers 11 minutes in the morning if they are going north and six minutes if they are travelling south.

4. Fauna Overpass

It’s not just the humans in Ellenbrook who have something to look forward to. A bridge solely for wildlife is being constructed across a new section of Tonkin Highway.

While Western Australia already has plenty of animal underpasses, the bridge will be the state’s first fully-vegetated fauna overpass and will be landscaped to mimic the natural surroundings of the area. Ideally, this will encourage native animals to safely cross the Tonkin Highway, reducing wildlife fatalities.

5. Ellenbrook Youth Centre

In May, the Labor Party pledged $3 million to build a state-of-the-art Youth Centre in the heart of Ellenbrook, near the future train station and Ellenbrook Secondary College, which is also near the well-established library.

The centre will be a boost for Ellenbrook’s young population as currently 29% of the suburb’s residents are aged 12-25. It will provide drop-in, educational and recreational programs and host events and activities. There will also be information, referral and advocacy services available.

If you’re looking to make Ellenbrook your home, contact our team today.

What Do Local Ellenbrook Buyers Want?

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When spending money to add value to your home or investment property it’s important to understand what appeals to your prospective buyers.

That way you don’t risk overcapitalising on renovations that don’t truly add value. We’ve identified some trends that local buyers will happily pay more for.

Add instant appeal to your home or investment property with sustainable design, smart home tech, a native garden and family friendly features.

Good first impressions

The decision making behind buying property is emotional as well as practical. So when it comes to selling a home, nothing matters more than the first impression a buyer has when they walk through the front gate or front door. Vendors need to make sure this first impression is a good one: pay attention to street appeal, and make sure your front porch, front door and hallway gets some TLC.

Great gardens and ‘outdoor rooms’

Once upon a time Ellenbrook was the domain of market gardeners and many locals keep this theme alive by loving their gardens with a huge passion. While many buyers are likely to want to bring their own unique touch to it, if you can create a space that feels instantly appealing and easy to maintain it will always add huge appeal. Many Perth homes sit on ancient sand dunes, which can be challenging for gardeners. Choose sturdy, drought-tolerant native plants for a low maintenance garden with striking flowers and foliage.

Tidy kitchens and bathrooms

They say kitchens sell houses, but when it comes to kitchen and bathroom renovations, it’s always smart not to over-capitalise, as some buyers will want to take on a project and renovate themselves. Because of this, we don’t usually advise vendors to renovate kitchens or bathrooms purely in order to sell – you may not recoup the money you spend. But it’s still important to make sure your kitchen and bathroom are clean, clutter free, and functional.

Sustainable features

The growing need to create homes of the future that are more sustainable mean that eco-friendly features are a big win both for your property value and the planet. If you don’t already have it, consider installing solar energy or smart energy features such as LED bulbs. Water filtration systems are also a popular choice as are any devices that help reduce water usage – from outdoor water tanks to eco shower heads.

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Smart Home Tech

The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing homes everywhere, with smart homes being more convenient, customizable and sustainable. If you don’t want to invest in a major tech upgrade there are numerous smart devices – many of which cost under $100 – that can be used to turn on lights, change the temperature, manage entertainment, watch energy use, and even keep an eye on your home while you’re away. They also help showcase your home as a convenient and modern place to live.

Family friendly

Ellenbrook and surrounds have always been popular with young families, as it’s an affordable and safe place to raise a family with great local schools. Therefore, any renovations or updates you make should consider family friendly appeal, whether it’s your choice of lawn or garden plants, rounded corners on cabinetry or safe fencing around pools and driveways.

Location, location, location

The new Morley-Ellenbrook Line with a train station at Ellenbrook will connect the north-eastern suburbs to the broader rail network, linking residents with more employment, education and recreation. This will likely also enhance the area’s appeal to a new type of resident, with more commuters expected to purchase in the area in coming years. Homes close to the station are set to benefit the most.

Talk to our expert team today if you need help planning the next stage of your property journey.

5 Ways Ellenbrook Has Changed Over the Past 25 Years

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Ellenbrook offers its residents all the perks of small-town living without the isolation. While there are many grand plans in store for Ellenbrook’s future, let’s have a look at the way the area has already been transformed over the last 25 years.

We may be biased but we think Ellenbrook is pretty unique. It is an evolving suburb, offering its residents all the perks of small-town living without the isolation. It’s got the benefit of being near the picturesque Swan Valley and is 21 km from the Perth CBD.

The suburb is a planned community and the most awarded urban development project in Australia. In fact, it has won dozens of prizes in its short lifespan.

While there are many grand plans in store for Ellenbrook’s future, let’s have a look at the way the area has already been transformed over the last 25 years.

1. The Land

Before the community received its spate of accolades it was a sparsely populated landscape. The 2000-hectare site consisted of grazing land, a decommissioned sand quarry and a commercial pine plantation.

In 1991 Ellenbrook began to change incrementally. The Western Australian Government Department of Housing and Works (DHW) and the private syndicate Morella (Now the Live Work Play Property Group known as LWP) combined forces to plan a sustainable community with affordable housing.

LWP was deliberate in imbuing the area with a sense of community and the pedestrian-orientated infrastructure of the suburb is one of its major drawcards. The designers took first and second-homeowners into account and made the area particularly appealing to those looking to start a family.

2. Infrastructure

Ellenbrook is 21 km from central Perth and developers knew that for the suburb to succeed it needed to be a proper hub in its own right. LWP set aside a portion from the sales to be invested into community infrastructure.

Until the first primary school opened in 1998, teachers educated students using the available facilities, which were a mix of shops and houses. Today there are 14 schools in or near Ellenbrook giving residents with children a variety of options about their place of education.

Of course, families need more than schools to set up a home and some of the highlights that have been erected in the area in the last 25 years include:

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  • The Vines Golf Course
  • Ellenbrook shops
  • Woodlake Sports Ground
  • Ellenbrook District Open Space
  • Yagan Memorial Park
  • Coolamon Oval

3. The Population

As per the original plan, the population of Ellenbrook has exploded. The population almost doubled between the Census years of 2001 and 2006, and followed the same growth pattern between the Census years of 2006 and 2011. In 1995 there were just 1,100 people living in the suburb, while today there are more than 40,000 residents.

The inhabitants, like Ellenbrook itself, are young and 85% are under 55.

The population is due to increase again and the suburb is projected to have more than 70,000 residents by 2036.

4. The Homes

In the last 25 years, more than 17,000 homes have been erected in Ellenbrook. According to the 2016 Census, most (around 86%) of the suburb is made up of freestanding houses.

In 2018 the Housing Minister Peter Tinley launched a new style of housing in Ellenbrook called micro-lots. These lots are set on a block of land which is smaller than 100 square metres. They are expected to attract first-home buyers, young families, and those wishing to downsize.

5. The Commute

For a long time, residents of Ellenbrook felt removed from the rest of Perth. However, in August the penultimate stretch of NorthLink WA was opened.  So far, it has halved the commute time between Ellenbrook and Morley, while the accompanying bike path allows keen cyclists to pedal all the way into the CBD.

Access in and out of Ellenbrook by car, from The Promenade, is now an option.

The real transport game-changer is coming in the form of a much-awaited rail line in 2022. This will drastically cut travel time to the city, rewarding Ellenbrook’s very patient residents.

If you’re looking to make Ellenbrook your home, contact our team today.